Sunday, December 13, 2015



Here she is.  I knew I could make her into something beautiful.  Looks like she was really mistreated through the years.

Just look at all the staples.  I had lots of work to do.  

First thing that had to be done was, all those staples and nails had to come out.

Then some sanding and wood filler

Decided to cut the door and make the top part a chalkboard and the bottom I cut for two mirrors.

I painted the smaller ones Dark Chocolate and will be adding these to my stair wall.

Next came chalk paint (3 layers) in between each layer that is dry, I lightly sand it with 600 grit sandpaper for a smooth surface.  Then never forget to condition the chalkboard with chalk.  This prevents you from seeing what you wrote on the chalkboard previously.

Here she is all done. She'd make a beautiful statement in any home. 

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